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We know the frustration of blocked Internet. Looking for ways to access websites from a network which keeps blocking widely used sites, UnblockedSites.org is the place to be. We are an anonymous site unblocker allowing you to not only unblock popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn but any other site which you can think of ...

We strive to protect your privacy while you browse the net through our site. As a result of developments in the field of identity protection, when you use our site to unblock sites at school or college, nobody will be able to trace it back. Your online anonymity is well-safe whenever you use us to browse the net. Nobody sees you as you access only our site while we do the browsing. That way your web privacy is well preserved.

To add to the comfort, you can control browsing environment parameters by using the advanced options, cookie manager and edit referrer features. Happy unblocked browsing!

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Our website is NOT affiliated with any social community website, directly or indirectly referred and only intended to function as an unblocker service offering access to such sites. We greatly respect your freedom of speech and expression, but we must assert that our free service is strictly meant for legitimate use. Any form of illegal activity/ abuse will not be tolerated. We maintain logs to prevent misuse of our site. For more information, please read our legal docs.

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Proxy sites like us get blocked when filtering companies detect and identify them. Be smart and get access to a secret source for new proxies. Join our yahoo group Unblockers and put yourself ahead of the rest.

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